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We are very happy to welcome you to our project blog!

The Project „Empowering Practitioners in Social Work (PSW) from Rural Communities” is established in the framework of our Erasmus+ project with the same name, acronym EPSWRA, project number 2018-1-RO01-KA204-049515 (more details about this project you can find in the section about, in the left column of the page). This blog represents a platform of discussions that will act like a Virtual Community of Practice for PSW from rural or disadvantaged areas and will rely on peer-to-peer communication and informal learning, aiming at developing competencies by exchanging experience, interacting around problems, solutions, and insights, and building a common store of knowledge.

The typical activities addressed by this group are: problem solving, requests for information, seeking experience, coordination and synergy, discussing developments and documentation projects, organizing visits, mapping knowledge, identifying gaps and many more, depending on the needs of its members. This blog could be considered like a virtual classroom that offers the possibility to post professional experiences and comments to the other members’ posts, in a sure and controlled framework, under a pseudonym or with the real name.

Considering that the main goal of this group is to facilitate communication between project staff, learners, experts and stakeholders from the rural or disadvantaged communities of our regions and, in the near future, of all Europe, you are all invited to welcome to our Virtual Community of Practice all your colleagues that are Practitioners in Social Work in rural or disadvantaged areas of all Europe countries, or other representatives of local communities that are willing to help them in providing a better assistance to vulnerable people and communities. Looking forward to be part of an active and useful Virtual Community of Practice, we wish you all only the best in your personal and professional lives. EPSWRA Project Team.

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